The Most Underrated Men’s Accessories

Once you’ve got the big things right, the secret of turning a good outfit into a great one is in the small details. For that, you need to accessorize! Some accessories are mainstays of every man’s closet, but others just don’t get the amount of appreciation that they really deserve.


Any given woman will likely have a fair few pendant necklaces, but for men it’s a different story. They aren’t exactly a rare choice for men, but they aren’t especially common either. When they are worn, it’s often because it was a gift or because it’s a symbol with some special significance. But to put things simply, pendants are great and a lot of men could benefit from really getting behind them in a much bigger way than most guys currently are.

Tie Clips and Pins

Tie clips and tie pins would never have made this list once upon a time, but they have become a lot less common as ties have become more relegated to workplaces and fancy events. But when you do wear a tie, it’s really worth thinking about doubling it with a clip or, perhaps a bit more old fashioned, a pin. Whether it’s a formal outfit you wear now and again or your everyday workwear, this kind of embellishment will be a nice finishing touch, show you’ve put in a little bit extra effort, and also keep your tie neatly in place.

Collar Stiffeners

Much like the above, these are something for smart wear. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a daily thing for you because of work (or because you’re just a sharp dressed man by choice), or if it’s something you wear once in a blue moon. When you’re dressing up and you want to do it properly, that includes the small touches. Collar stiffeners, slotting into special pockets on the collars of particularly smart shirts, will never be seen as such but they will do a lot to keep your collar in shape and looking good. Plastic collar stiffeners come included with most shirts that take them, but metal ones will be more resilient in the long run.


A lot of the things that we said about pendants can equally be said about bracelets and bangles. In particular, this is another group of accessories where most women have a collection, but men are only slowly catching onto the fact that they can wear them too. While you might not want to go over-the-top for fear of looking like a 1980s yuppie flashing his newfound wealth around, a bracelet or two can look really good at the end of your arm. There are plenty of choices for both classic and contemporary styles, and there’s also the option to go simple and subtle or fancy and elaborate depending on your own, personal preferences.

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