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  • Fleece Sports Hoodie

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    Great for men who enjoy keeping themselves active. Ideal for a jog in a park or more intense session in your local gym. Whether you are looking to bring yourself back in shape or simply looking for a non-committal top for casual morning runs – this comfortable and pleasant to wear hoodie is an ideal choice.

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    Slim Long Thick Winter Faux Fur Coat

    5.00 out of 5
    $125.00 $95.00

    Winter is coming – it’s inevitable. We can never be too sure what to expect from it, but the least we can do is to be prepared. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet equipped yourself with those winter tires – they never get out of circulation. What we don’t want you to miss out on is this Thick Faux Fur Coat we are offering. Get it now, and this winter will seem like a walk in park.

  • Knit Beanie

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    A cozy beanie for your every need.

  • Cotton Winter Socks (5 Pairs)

    5.00 out of 5

    Remember the socks your Grandma used to make? We are offering something similar, but much more durable and more outgoing. Choose from different designs and patterns, use it at home or if you are out on a cold winter’s day. We are promise that whatever happens – your feet will always be protected.

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    Flannel Lumberjack Shirt

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    $45.00 $30.00

    Whether you are finding yourself in a beautiful Canadian wilderness enjoying the campfire and truly spectacular sunsets or you are sipping Old Fashioned cocktails in a trendy bar in L.A this Lumberjack shirt is great to wear on both occasions. It will go well with some blue denims or cut-off shorts.

  • Slim Winter Hooded Vest

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    Slim and thick this hooded Vest will keep your body warm. Take it to the mountains or for simple winter getaways. It can be worn as part of your ski gear or as an addition to your casual look. Match it with some jeans and caterpillar shoes and you are all set.