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  • Double-Shoulder Book Bag

    0 out of 5

    Casual, quirky and truly stylish this is the bag for someone who is open for a pint after a long day of reading, or a cappuccino in an independent coffee house. Chuck your Macbook Pro into it, put those Ray Bans on, and complete that hipster look.

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    Vintage Canvas Leather Backpack

    5.00 out of 5
    $110.00 $65.00

    Smart, reliable and roomy this vintage backpack will make a fine purchase for an art student, or someone who enjoys practicality in a rucksack. Take it work, take it on a hike, pack some lunch to it or load in your laptop. It will go well with your black jeans and vintage sneakers. It’s definitely a long term purchase – solid and non-aging.

  • Leather Cowhide Wallet

    0 out of 5

    We’ve never paid too much attention to the wallet James Bond carries, or if he does have one at all, however if there was a genuine list of wallet candidates made – we’d have this one taking the pedestal. It’s smart, it’s stylish, it’s leather, and you can keep it in your jacket pocket.

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    Geniune Wood Quartz Watch

    4.60 out of 5
    $55.00 $31.00

    It’s Friday afternoon. You’ve put on your best shorts, your sneakers are immaculate, your hair looks slick and you are filled with confidence. But there is something missing… Something small, but personable, unique to you. Something that sums up who you are, an item that completes the look. Put it on, take as much time as you like – it belongs to you. It’s Quartz.