One Way Any Man Can Improve Their Looks

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood movie stars and super models always look sharp and dapper?  Is it their makeup? Is it the lighting or is it something else? If you think it’s their makeup then you are partially right!  Try taking a closer look and you’ll figure it out. Zoom in on a photo and then focus on the eyebrow. Notice how they nicely frame the face?  That’s because they are carefully shaped and trimmed.  Call it weird or call it crazy, but the growing trend of men grooming their brows is here to stay.  

Is this something you’ve considered for yourself?  Do you need help with yours but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, it’s not hard!  Nevermind what others think or say, they don’t understand the importance of killing the unibrow.  So without further ado, let’s dive into why and how your eyebrows will make you better looking  than you already are!

Not long ago, eyebrow maintenance was considered women’s territory.  Only women were supposed to do their eyebrows; certainly not men. It wasn’t considered manly.  Sadly enough, many tend to still believe that.  Fortunately, that is changing and many men are doing their eyebrows. As a result they look better than ever!  

If you’ve considered doing yours, keep in mind some of the following tips. Hopefully these will help walk you through the process and ease any doubts you may have.  Soon you’ll be on your way to  looking sharp and well groomed.

First things first.  Leave it to the professionals; or at least in the beginning. Even if you want to have a go at it, it is strongly suggested you leave it to the professionals.   Doing your eyebrows yourself is not the best idea and you may end up looking quite the opposite of awesome.  Have you ever given yourself a bad haircut?  Well, you don’t want to do that to your brows.  

Professionals are reasonably priced.  They can save you time and guess work.  And most importantly, they’ll save you from the embarrassment if you mess up.

You will also need to know to what extent you want your eyebrows cleaned up.  A professional should provide a consultation before they begin.  This will give you the information you need and so you can both agree on how much you want done.

When deciding on a look, keep it natural.  Avoid overly arched or extreme bow shapes.  Those look best on a woman, not a man.   You can keep it natural by having the hairs removed  that separate the two brows and any stragglers that are just below your natural arch. You can always start by removing just a little and when you are comfortable, return for the full meal deal.  Pay attention to detail. Your brows should never look overly done. Know the limits, just like you know when you  should have your last pint!

Another secret or tip is to ask your stylist for pointers.  If you decide to do them yourself one day, you will have received some helpful ideas.  Most people like to give advice and answer questions in their area of expertise.

~Ways to Remove Hair~

Yes, there are different methods of removing hair!  Who knew!  

  • Shaving is self-explanatory.  Not the best method for detail work
  • Waxing is fast and thorough.  It can be either hot or cold wax.  Some redness may occur in the area but that should last only a few minutes or an hour max
  • Another method is threading.  It’s an ancient Indian method that’s quickly becoming popular in the west.  It is fast and gentle on the skin
  • Tweezing  Not as quick but it’s great for maintenance between appointments
  • Laser can be quite expensive and only recommended if done by a licensed professional
  • Removal Creams – NEVER recommended for hair around your eyes


Whatever method you choose may feel awkward at first it and it may hurt a little.  Just remember the saying- ‘no pain, no gain’.   The pain goes and it’s nothing that as a man you can’t handle.

Having your eyebrows done is a must for every fashion conscious man. They make you look sharp.  They complete your look.  And admit it, some men have brows like a bush.  There might even be a bird’s nest in there if you look hard enough! If yours are like that, then give up the birds and start your grooming routine today.   It’s time for you to look like a gentleman. Enough of those age old theories because when it comes to improving your looks there’s no gender specific code to follow. If you look better and care about your looks, then it’s a must.

Every man should have their eyebrows done at least once in his life time. Even if it’s just to try it out for goodness sake. If you really don’t like it , that’s no problem.   They grow back the same way your facial hair does and you’ll have a chance to go back to your natural look. That doesn’t mean there isn’t value in trying. That’s the beauty of trial and error.

The world has changed a great deal and it’s time for you to change too. It’s now or never.  Go ahead.  Wouldn’t you rather thank yourself for doing it than never trying in the first place?

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