How To Look Good When Traveling

Staying fashionable when traveling can be quite the struggle due to you not taking your whole wardrobe with you. Choosing what you want to take with you on a trip can be difficult, especially if you are traveling with only one suitcase.

When creating your miniature wardrobe that you are going to be taking on the road, I recommend mostly taking pieces that can all work together.


If you plan on bringing a hat, I recommend taking a black baseball hat, or earth tone beanie. You can work both of those hats into almost any outfit.


When deciding what shirts you want to take, packing solid color shirts is usually your best option. Stick to black, beige, olive, and grey. These styles can be worn with anything. Throwing a few graphic t-shirts in your bag is always a good idea if you want your outfits focal point to be around the shirt.


A pair of black denim, raw denim, and some khaki shorts is all anyone ever needs. I usually rotate between the three whenever I am not traveling. These don’t take up much space so I pack all three when hitting the road.

All three of these pieces can be worn with practically anything.


When it comes to deciding what pair of shoes you want to take with you keep it simple. Personally, I take a pair of white sneakers, and one pair of black sneakers with me. Wearing one pair in the traveling process, and throwing the other pair in the bag is a good idea.

Black and white sneakers are timeless pieces of footwear that will match anything that you pair them with.

If you are unsure about what type of sneakers to purchase, you can read up here.


Safe travels!


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