3 Ways Men Can Instantly Improve Their Look

Are you seeking fashion advise because you think your look might have something to do with your loneliness ?  You don’t have the ‘alone in the universe’ kind of lonely, but rather the other kind of lonely.  Sure, you have good friends with whom you like to spend time with, and of course you have colleagues at work with whom you chat and participate in small talk.  We’re talking the ‘wanna be more than just friends’ kind of lonely.  When was the last time you spent time with someone you were ‘interested’ in that resulted in a second date?  If it’s too long, keep reading.

Begin by taking a good look in a full length mirror.   Do you think it could be time for a reboot or an upgrade?   No matter how nice a person you are, or how wonderful people say you are, people do  take notice if they like what they see.  The world in which we live can be complex and it doesn’t always go our way, therefore now’s the time for action, for real results.   Follow these three tips and you’ll be on your way.  Who knows, your personal life might even see some increased traffic.

Develop a Hygiene Routine

Girls can appreciate a guy who makes personal hygiene a priority.  Who wants to get close to someone if they have body odor or foul breath?  These can be instant deal breakers.  A daily routine is key, so let’s cover the basics.

  • Brush your teeth after every time you eat.  When that’s not possible an easy alternative is to swish water in your mouth and spit it out.  Make sure to brush before going to sleep and again in the morning.  This advice may come across as childish but brushing your teeth isn’t an option at any age.  Good dental habits will pay off  ~ ‘if you’re true to your teeth, they won’t be false to you’.
  • Shower, shower, shower.  Soap up, lather up, and clean up.  Take a shower after you workout.   No excuses, no exceptions.   Offensive body odor can ooccur if you sweat and don’t wash before you sweat again.  It’s the sweat upon sweat that can be the worst culprit.  Personal wet wipes can be quite effective for an in-between shower emergency.  Wear a clean, fresh shirt each and every day.  The same rule applies; if you sweat once, do not wear it again until it’s laundered.  Go shopping for new products and brands.  It’s a good idea to switch it up and add variety to what you currently use.


Try a New Haircut/Change Up Your Hairstyle

Has it been some time since you have changed the way you style your hair?   If so, a new look can be key.  Even if your hairstyle  is decent, a slight change can make a big difference.  Choose a style that your hairdresser recommends.  They are the professionals and will know what would look best.  If you don’t feel comfortable, try to be positive,  because from the moment you step out of the salon, people will notice.  To help manage and maintain your new look try experimenting with hair gel, spray, pastes, or creams.  Use a new type of brush or comb, or even the way you part your hair.   The basic idea is to get out of your same-old routine and do something new!

Experiment with Clothing

Believe it or not, clothes can play an important role in improving your look and your confidence.  At this point, you are probably thinking about what could possibly be wrong with what I wear. Perhaps thats true but until you try new things on, how are you going to know?  Remember the formal shirt mom gave you for your last birthday?  Take it out and give it a try with a formal shoe and dress pant.  How are you looking now?  You didn’t know that you could look that good, right?   On the other hand, if you wear formal clothes all the time, then it’s definitely time to try something casual.  Women like it when it’s obvious that a man has taken the time to dress to please.  So switch it up, and try new looks.

Make these three practical and easy life hacks part of your journey.  Who knows, if your friends ask what you’ve done you could let them know or, you may want to keep it as your secret weapon.  Remember, no loose ends, you have girls to impress!


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