Four Ways to Style Your Beard

What’s better than a beard? A beard with a specific and carefully-chosen style. If you’re considering changing up your beard a bit, or if you’re thinking of cultivating some brand new facial furniture but you aren’t sure which direction you should take, here are a few ways you might like to style your beard.

Keep it Trimmed

This is one of the simplest options, almost a no-brainer, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of serious consideration. A well-trimmed beard is pretty easy to maintain – just remember to give it a snip regularly so that it doesn’t get too unkempt – but it is also one of your most versatile options. Whether you are dressed up smart or just relaxing in the most casual of your casual outfits, a neatly-trimmed beard will look the part.

Let it Grow Wild

An even simpler and lower-maintenance option, but again one that is definitely worth thinking about. It’s probably not the style for you if you’re required to dress up smart for work or you have a wedding coming up, but if your circumstances do let you get away with it there is a lot to be said for a bushier and more natural beard. It is probably the manliest of all possible beards and it has a kind of ultra-casual stylishness. Do give it a trim now and again though, or you might end up looking like Gandalf’s less famous cousin.

Adorn it with Ornaments

We’ve done an entire blog about beard ornaments before, so there’s no point going into it in too much depth here. At the same time, we’d definitely be at fault if we didn’t mention them here. So let’s just say that beard ornaments can be interesting, stylish, and attractive additions to your facial hair, and to find out more you should give our previous blog a read. Oh, and beard decorations can work very well in combination with our next suggestion.

Braid That Beard

Braids and plaits aren’t just for little girls, and they aren’t just for the hair on top of your head. Braiding a beard is a great and really interesting way to style it, giving it more texture and creating any one of a lot of different looks. Depending on how you do it and on what your beard is like to start with, it can create effects ranging from perfectly-groomed to viking warrior. Adorning a beard with braids is not necessarily a new idea, but it is one that is just starting to come back into fashion after a long, long time being out of style. At the moment it is just in-fashion enough that it won’t quite be new to most people who see it, but is still unusual enough to be interesting, distinctive, and just different enough to be a good thing.

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