Do You Need More Shoes?

If you believe the stereotypes, it’s women who always need more shoes and men who are okay with just two or three trusty pairs. But a lot of men could benefit from having more shoes than they do, and particularly from having more variety in their shoe selection. If you’re wondering whether your shoe cupboard could do with being a bit fuller but you aren’t sure if there’s much to be gained then here are some of the shoes that we personally feel that most men will benefit from having. If this shows up any gaps in your wardrobe that you feel there is an advantage to filling, then you need more shoes!

Everyday Shoes

Whether it’s a pair of runners or something more traditional but still comfortable, it’s probably safe to say you already have a pair of everyday shoes. You’re most likely already sorted here, but it is worth asking yourself whether you could benefit from more than one pair of everyday shoes, such as a pair for ever-so-slightly smarter days or a choice of black and brown depending on your outfit and simply what you feel like.

Work Shoes

Again, you should be already sorted here. If work shoes, for you, means specialist footwear then there’s really not much in the way of variety open to you. If there’s more flexibility, though, then like everyday footwear you might like to experiment with a wider variety if you only have one trusty pair at the moment.

Smart Shoes

These aren’t just the shoes you wear to look smart for work or for a vaguely dressed-up, formal-ish occasion. These are the really nice shoes you pull out once in a while when going somewhere you want to look really smart for a wedding. Yet again, you probably already have a pair. But is one pair all you need? It is definitely worth at least having both black and brown pairs. These kinds of events sometimes come with quite specific dress codes, so you might either be required to wear a specific colour of shoe or find that it’s necessary to go with your outfit properly. You might also want to think about the specific styles available, such as ornate brogues with punched-leather patterns.

Wintry Boots

Wintry boots can be purely practical or stylish too, depending pretty much entirely on your preferences. In our opinion, it is worth having at least two pairs of foul-weather boots. A sturdy yet comfortable pair will help keep your feet warm and dry when the weather is cold and wet. When there is serious snow and slippery ice about, then you ideally need something a bit more heavy-duty. A sturdy pair of tall boots with plenty of grip, good insulation, and thorough waterproofing can be a godsend when conditions are sub-zero, yet would be overkill (and, with long, long laces, a pain to get on and off) when it’s just wet and miserable outside.

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