Best Hairstyles for Men With Long Hair

One of the great things about long hair is that it offers you so much more choice when it comes to hairstyles than the shorter lengths which are more traditional for men. For a lot of guys, though, the problem with this is knowing which style to choose, and how best to make it clear their long hair is a choice and not just a chronic case of putting off a haircut.

The Man-Bun

The man-bun – or, as a lot of people prefer to call it, the bun – is currently one of the more popular styles for longer-haired men. There’s very good reason for this, so unless you’re actually averse to following the crowd then you would do well to consider putting your own hair in a bun. It generally looks good, and it’s nice and neat without being formal or stuffy. And there’s also a lot of choice – and room to have fun experimenting – when it comes to deciding what kind of bun you want. Should you go for a fairly plain one, a twisty bun, a semi-bun, or something else altogether?

The Side Parting

A simple side parting takes on a whole new significance once your hair gets past a certain length. With long hair, it stops being a smart traditional style and starts creating a sweeping, flowing, look with plenty of volume where your ample locks are swept up and over your head. It might take some liberal application of hairspray to get it to stay in quite the style you want and to hold it all day long. If you’re willing to put that bit of extra effort in, though, the hairstyle you will get out of it makes a pretty good reward.

The Half Ponytail

Full ponytails on men are a love-it-or-hate-it style for a lot of people. Some people think they are a simply yet stylish way of styling long hair, while others think they look dated. Whichever camp you fall into, you might like to try the half ponytail as this is a very different beast indeed. Simply separate your hair into two sections, one higher and one lower, then put the top section into a ponytail and leave the lower section loose for that tail to nestle in. It is barely more difficult than the regular ponytail, but it looks very different and generally has a much wider appeal.

Swept Back

This is another simple style, albeit perhaps a bit hairspray-heavy if your hair doesn’t cooperate. It’s also a great way to keep your hair looking very natural, while at the same time making sure it will look the good kind of natural. Brush your hair thoroughly backwards until it is neat and even, and give it a generous dose of hairspray to keep it right back. Once you’ve got the hair nice and even, focus on spraying the roots and lifting them with a brush or comb in order to add volume. This is a great way to make your hair flowing and elegant yet not necessarily feminine, and to make it look like you don’t need to put effort into your hair to make it look good.

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