Read This Before Buying Gloves

Gloves are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, but for most men the reasons for this are purely practical. Gloves are a way to keep their hands warm in the winter and not much else. That’s really a shame, because gloves can be really great-looking accessories to cap off a cold-weather outfit. If you want to get your hands on (or should that be in?) some really great gloves, there are a few things to consider when making your purchase.


The material used to make the glove is one of the first things you want to start paying attention to. Leather or suede, for example, will create a smarter look that is in many ways more formal and, perhaps, more traditional. Wool or synthetic materials such as polyester will give an arguably more neutral and universal look. Many gloves, especially leather and suede ones, will also have some kind of lining. This doesn’t have much impact on the style, but does affect how they feel to wear and how warm they are.

Colours and Patterns

Along with materials, this is one of the two biggest things to think about when choosing gloves from a style point of view. Do you want bright and bold colours, or do you prefer muted or neutral shades for fear that too much brightness will make you look like you’re ready to direct aircraft landings? Do you want plain colours, or cheerful and interesting patterns? Only you can answer these questions, but it is worth taking the time to ask them. In coming up with your answers, think about not just your tastes but the outfits you will be wearing the gloves with and the contexts you will be in.


Too many men don’t really think about the fit of gloves. They feel as though a glove fits fine just as long as their hands can get inside of them. However, there are at least two good reasons to put a bit more thought into how good a fit the glove actually is. The first is that gloves that are oversized and sitting loosely on your hands will often just not look as good. The second is that they will be less practical, doing a poorer job of keeping your hands warm and being a bigger hindrance to dexterity.


While it’s a shame that so many people see gloves as a purely functional item, it’s still important to think about the functional side. If you want to be reasonably dextrous without taking them off, you want to go for close-fitting gloves made from reasonably thin materials. If you will be wearing them outside in the depths of winter and want maximum warmth, you naturally want a good, thick material. In some gloves – especially made from leather or certain synthetics – warmth is more down to the lining than anything. Thick, fleecy linings are naturally the best, and multiple layers of lining made from advanced synthetic materials can also offer leading protection from the cold.

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