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4 Valuable Jewellery Advices for Men

Most men just aren’t prepared to rock jewellery to the same extent as their female counterparts. That’s a shame, because jewellery can look really great no matter what gender, and can be a great way to set off an outfit. Sadly a lot of men have spent so long not wearing much jewellery that they really have no idea where to start. Here are four top tips for choosing jewellery like… well like a person who isn’t clueless at all!

1. Make Your Watch Count

While fashions have seen men being light on jewellery for many years, watches are the one piece that they have been consistently wearing for decades. This has earned the watch no small amount of prestige, and made it one of the pieces of jewellery that people are most likely to take notice of and admire. If anything, this is more true now than ever because the fact we all carry around the time on our phones means that watches are as likely to be a pure fashion statement as a functional item. If your goal with jewellery is to look good and to be stylish, a fancy watch is probably your most useful asset. It doesn’t have to be a super-expensive Rolex or a pricey Omega, just as long as it looks good.

2. Choose Necklaces with Care

Necklaces, pendants, and chains are something that some men love and others avoid. There are plenty of great reasons to wear them, but there is also a strong argument for choosing them carefully. Choosing thick chains or huge pendants could leave you looking like Mr T or a 1970s disco-dancer. If that’s what you like, then more power to you; seek out a necklace that will do exactly that. It’s probably not the look most men will be going for though, in which case you would be better off choosing something subtle like a small but attractive pendant.

3. Start Slowly

If you’re new to wearing anything more than a wristwatch, then you probably don’t want to leap straight in and bling yourself up until you look like a walking advert for Tiffany’s. You probably want to start slowly, and ease yourself into the life of a jewellery-lover – even if your enthusiasm for these new avenues of style is telling you to do otherwise! Start by adding one or two subtle pieces, maybe even as small switching to shirts with cufflinks or wearing tie pins with your suit at work. Take small steps to start with, and build up from there.

4. Have Multiple Options

While you may not want to wear too much at a time to start with – and of course overdoing it is never exactly a good idea – it’s advisable to build up a bit of a collection quite early on even if it’s all cheap-and-cheerful costume jewellery. This allows you to experiment, to give yourself the freedom and variety of not having to stick to the same things every day, and the ability to coordinate jewellery with your outfits. That being said, unless you are being very reserved and only wearing one or two pieces on any given day, you also want to have some similar pieces that will go together as well. If in doubt, try to start with a few fairly simple pieces that will match most things well enough.


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